49: California

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I made it! After 14,357 miles (23,105 km) and almost 2 months, I completed my tour of the 48 contiguous United States, plus the District of Columbia.

Some additional statistics:

  • Latitude/Longitude extremes: North: 47.04 degrees (near Ovando, Montana); South: 29.16 degrees (near Grand Isle, Louisiana); West: -122.36 degrees (Redding, California); East: -68.18 degrees (Arcadia National Park, Maine)
  • Farthest ‘as the crow flies’ distance from my home (in Mountain View, California): 2,812 miles (4,525 km), in Arcadia National Park, Maine
  • Elevation extremes: High: 8,610 feet (near Crystal, New Mexico); Low: sea level (several places)
  • Gas price extremes: High: $4.699/gallon (Chicago, Illinois; May 17th); Low: $3.359/gallon (Tulsa, Oklahoma; April 3rd)
  • National Parks visited: Petrified Forest (Arizona); Hot Springs (Arkansas); Shenandoah (Virginia); Great Falls (Virginia); Acadia (Maine); Badlands (South Dakota); Wind Cave (South Dakota)
  • State capital cities visited: Oklahoma City (Oklahoma); Little Rock (Arkansas); Jackson (Mississippi); Raleigh (North Carolina); Annapolis (Maryland); Augusta (Maine); Montpelier (Vermont); Des Moines (Iowa)
  • Degree Confluence points visited: 37: 1 in California; 1 in Arizona; 2 in New Mexico; 1 in Oklahoma; 1 in Kansas; 3 in Arkansas; 1 in Tennessee; 3 in Mississippi; 2 in Louisiana; 1 in Georgia; 2 in South Carolina; 2 in North Carolina; 3 in Virginia; 1 in New Jersey; 1 in Massachusetts; 2 in New Hampshire; 3 in New York; 1 in Iowa; 2 in South Dakota; 2 in Montana; 2 in Oregon

I also did some sightseeing in the remote north-eastern corner of California, by visiting “McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park“, to see the magnificent Burney Falls (which I had not seen before).

Burney Falls

Lake Britton Bridge (near Burney Falls) - the site of the famous 'railroad bridge scene' in the movie "Stand By Me"