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34: Ohio

Monday, May 16th, 2011

As I entered Ohio, I re-entered the “Midwest” region of the country (a region that I had entered briefly when I passed through corners of Kansas and Missouri on the outbound leg of the trip). The term “Midwest” seems a bit strange for this part of the country – especially for Ohio, as it is so close to the East Coast – but the term dates from the time when the United States was clustered around the Atlantic Coast, with most of the true ‘west’ of the continent being unexplored.

Because of the rainy weather, I drove quickly through Ohio (taking Interstate 90 that runs along the northern edge of the state), with few stops. I did, however, stop briefly in the city of Cleveland, on Lake Erie. In the rest of the country, Cleveland has a reputation of being a dump, but to me at least, the downtown area looked quite nice. (Winters here are undoubtedly awful, though.)

A view of the Cleveland waterfront: The "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" building in the foreground, with the Cleveland Browns football stadium (and a ship) in the background