48: Oregon

Most people’s impressions of Oregon are of the beautiful western half of the state: The Pacific Coast, the Willamette Valley, and the Cascade Range. The sparsely-populated eastern half of Oregon is much less well-known, yet is stunningly beautiful in its own right. Like the western half, it contains forests, mountains and farmland, but also a large region of desert, reminiscent of neighboring Nevada.

I passed through eastern Oregon using U.S. Route 395, which runs north-south from Pendleton to Lakeview.

Ritter Butte lookout, at sunset

View from Ritter Butte lookout, at sunset

View of a distant rainstorm from Highway 395

View from the 43 degree north, 123 degree west 'degree confluence' point

Abert Rim (fault scarp)

Pelicans at Dog Lake

Join original college relief more info there constructed for international observing group.

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